An exclusive design for an exclusive home, our Italian in house Interior Designer is renowned for creating just the right atmosphere with a personalized project that takes into account all your needs, offering stunning solutions for all your living areas and hosting needs. We can supply you with a unique design and if you wish we can create new environments or furnishing or refurbish any areas that need updating. Please feel free to contact us, our team will take care of you and ensure you receive a personalized  assistance.

Franchising and retail

From boutiques to franchising formats, thanks to over 25 years experience in the field, we can help you select the right premises and design the optimum layouts. Ambience and style are key factors to making your business unique and successful but one must never forget functionality. Aware that space is at a premium, we make sure that functionality and design go hand in hand to provide the best working solutions. We make sure your shop becomes the best showcase for your products. Helping you develop your brand or franchising concept from format to set up , from location sourcing to total fit outs. Our team is able to support you from creating the perfect image to organizing a maintenance service for your stores. Making sure your brand grows to its full potential.


Clinics and Spa

We create a structure that allows you to operate at you full potential that puts your patients at ease. From location sourcing to lay out and permits. We look into every detail to make sure that all your needs are met. We make sure that your clinic reflects the high standard of care you provide your patients with from the moment they step through the door. We look forward to working with you. Creating elegant and functional clinics in which all elements are taken into consideration from norms and regualtions to elegance and efficiency . From design to execution. We also work on given projects , carrying out your design or format. Working with you to ensure the best result or to act as an external project manager. Our clinics allow you to give your clients the best assistance in a welcoming environment with excellent timing , finish and costs. We are more than happy to give any infomation or to study and analyse your project.

Food and beverage

Whether you are refurbishing a hotel, restaurant or bar we are clearly aware of the importance of atmosphere, style and uniqueness. Every project we design takes these elements into consideration but we add another… functionality. You can have the most exiting design but if it’s not functional for both the guest and the staff you end up with a white elephant. Our team is made up of professionals who have worked all over the world. By tapping in to their experience, we pride ourselves in being able to offer you effective design solutions at competitive prices. Working round the clock we make sure all is done in the least time possible whilst making sure that quality is never compromised.


Project Management

Whatever your needs may be, we are able either to supply you with designs, drawings and formats as well as manage your project from start to finish. We can provide you with fittings and furnishings or, if needs be, design and create them for you so they fit in perfectly with your requirements. Our extensive experience and practical approach means we are able to give you the best design possible whilst keeping in mind the budget. Functionality is key to all our designs be they private homes or corporate structures, shops or show stands. You will find it very easy to work with us. We are always very clear about time, costs and materials used…nothing is left to chance! Each project is followed personally and the same person is with you, at your disposal, from start to finish. That is why we always achieve excellent results. Client satisfaction is a strong motivating factor for us.


We commit. Money may be what makes the world go round but art is what makes it beautiful. Art is a way of life and a reflection our soul, this section is like an open window so that we can look out and loose ourselves in something beautiful giving each artist a chance to show their work whatever their field may be.
We welcome new artists so please feel free to write in if you wish us to show your work.

Happy viewing.

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