Drum Poet


RECANATI- In the hometown of the famous Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi, I meet a contemporary composer, a self-taught young drummer called Sergio, whose poems are the rolls of snare drums.
What’s remarkable is that Sergio’s enthusiasm for snare drums goes beyond the love to play: he has made a business out of his passion and he has launched his own fantastic line of hand-made snare drums Sempiternus Snare Drums.(facebook)
The snare drum is one of the essential components of any drum set and there are many different types of it. “The snare drum evolved from an instrument called tabor, a double-skinned drum, during the Medieval period. During the 18th century, it underwent changes that would improve its’ characteristic sound. Today the snare drum is used in pop music and modern orchestral music” (source: musiced.about.com).
One of the coolest things Sergio has created is a transparent snare drum with interior leds that can switch colour when the drum is being played. What a great effect could it make on concert stages!
At his studio, Sergio also shows me one of his current projects: a restyling of a drum dating back to the beginning of the XX century which is a true piece of history as it has been passed on through many generations by a family of antiquarians.
At the present day, young people like Sergio are great examples for those who want to make their passion a real job. What an unexpected surprise was, finding this young and passionate entrepreneur in such a small town!
Alessandra J.
Edited : Sofia Simoncelli
Sempiternus Snare Drum contacts: sergio-giovagnola@libero.it

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