An exclusive design for an exclusive home, our Italian in house Interior Designer is renowned for creating just the...

Franchising and retail

From boutiques to franchising formats, thanks to over 25 years experience in the field, we can help you select...

Clinics and Spa

We create a structure that allows you to operate at you full potential that puts your patients at ease....

Food and beverage

Whether you are refurbishing a hotel, restaurant or bar we are clearly aware of the importance of atmosphere, style...

Project Management

Whatever your needs may be, we are able either to supply you with designs, drawings and formats as well...


We commit. Money may be what makes the world go round but art is what makes it beautiful. Art...


Misci Team . Our team is made up of a group of creative and determined people who enjoy what they do , who still enjoy discussing ideas , working on new projects and working to satisfy our  client’s needs. As you will find out once you get to know us , each member has a specific skill that perfectly compensates and completes the others.
This is what makes our team so versatile allowing us  to cater to any type of needs our client’s may have .


What we do. From design to complete fittings from clinics to luxury boutiques, our range is vast and so is our team’s creative spirit. This combination of skills, experience and knowledge gives us the edge and allows us to come up with excellent  and innovative ideas.


Misci’s mission is to make sure you enjoy your project whatever it may be. This can only mean one thing, a stress free experience and that can only be accomplished when one has gained experience in the various fields and can deal with and avoid most of the issues that are involved when undertaking a new project. We are there for you, with you making sure you reach your desired goal.



Drum Poet

RECANATI- In the hometown of the famous Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi, I meet a contemporary composer, a self-taught young drummer called Sergio, whose poems are the rolls of snare drums.   What’s remarkable is that Sergio’s enthusiasm for snare drums goes beyond the love to play: he has made a business out of his passion […]

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